Membership benefits

The GUAC Consortium Offer:

We are the only consortium of social housing providers with ongoing dialogue between the current and shadow governments in relation to housing, employment and skills services. We work in formal partnership with ERSA and have developed a unique, joint plan between the employment services sector and the social housing sector; GUAC members access all ERSA membership services. Members are automatically enrolled as ERSA members shortly after joining GUAC and the cost of ERSA membership is included in their GUAC subscription. We work in close collaboration with the Learning & Work Institute and partner on some of our representations to the DWP with them. GUAC are the only national consortium named in the ‘Jobs Plus’ pilot, led by the Learning & Work Institute.


  • To employment services and skills providers, based on your local contracted delivery organisations.
  • We can contact and broker practical partnerships that can lead to contracted delivery for HAs and some £ in-flow to support your employment and skills programmes.

Contacts and support

  • The GUAC membership itself is an important resource for contacts working within the housing and employment base.
  • We can refer within and across the GUAC membership to ensure that best practise is shared and replicable.

Evaluation Advice

  • GUAC works with the Learning & Work Institute on evaluation techniques and advice for members that is consistent with employment and skills programmes nationally.
  • GUAC members are working with the Learning & Work Institute on a unique pilot of the Jobs Plus programme.



  • GUAC reaches politicians and decision makers, we have a network of contacts across the housing, employment and political arena and use this to leverage support for GUAC members.
  • Our joint membership deal with ERSA brings information and contacts from the employment services industry and a direct line to the DWP.

Specialist advice

  • GUAC’s membership and it’s supporting advisers have a background and expertise in housing, employment and skills which is used to devise and deliver projects and programmes.
  • GUAC’s advisers can be brought in to navigate contracting arrangements between housing and employment and skills providers

Joining GUAC:

GUAC Consortium is the growing membership body working together to influence national policy and put social housing providers at the heart of the employment and skills agenda.  We are building our influence on behalf of our members, so Join us or browse our website for information on Consortium activity at both a practical and political level.


£1,000 one-off joining fee then an annual subscription based on size of your organisation:

<5,000 homes = £1,500 per annum
5,000 to 9,999 homes = £2,000 per annum
10,000 to 14,999 homes = £2,500 per annum
15,000 to 29,999 homes = £3,000 per annum
30,000 to 49,999 homes = £4,500 per annum
50,000 homes or above  = £6,000 per annum

Our membership profile:

We have a fairly balanced range of members, about half are large, a third medium sized and the rest small. Our membership is open to ALMOs, and we also develop partnerships with other related bodies. View our Partners here.

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