Partnerships with purpose: how HSBC, L&Q and Uspire are working together: creating new ways to help people lead independent lives

  • Friday 23 March 2018
  • 11:00am - 12:00pm

Over the past 4 years GUAC Member L&Q have been in investing in creative ways to help individuals live independent lives.  Managers from HSBC, trained by Uspire, have been coaching members of L&Q’s Stratford community to increase their confidence and belief in themselves.   Hear how the partnership formed, what it’s delivered and ‘where next’ for the programme, as it seeks to work with further housing partners.
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  • Laura Thain

    My career started with HSBC 14 years ago, having left school at 17 deciding not to continue with my A-levels. I have had various roles throughout my career, but my current role consists of running our People and Comms strategy across Global Payments and Cash Management within the UK Sales team which is a great passion of mine. I have always been passionate about our community agenda, and having had the opportunity to duel run the ‘HSBC East Thames Accreditation’ by running an 10-week programme of development for job seekers giving each delegate the confidence and skills to succeed, but also enabling HSBC staff to facilitate the fortnightly learning sessions and become accredited in 4 core competencies as an educator. I am really keen to expand the programme further across the UK and make a difference to peoples life’s.
  • Mark Francis

    Uspire Learning Director

    35 years of sports coaching and 20 years as a Business coach working across the Continents has taught Mark that creating ‘people educators’ in every institution is the most powerful way to enable any one and every one to grow
  • Matt Bayliss

    Matt Bayliss is Head of Independent Lives at L&Q, leading a programme which provides a wide range of personalised economic support to L&Q’s residents and communities, including employment and skills, financial and digital inclusion, and support with sustaining tenancies. Matt sees GUAC’s value in its ability to raise the profile of the work housing associations do on employment and skills, facilitating strategic partnerships and lobbying decision makers.
  • Lynsey Sweeney

    Lynsey joined Give us a Chance in 2014, following three years advising the National Housing Federation on housing, employment and skills. Lynsey's background is in education, training and work based learning and skills.