Manage “Jobs beyond the Job Centre – how corporate partners and housing providers can create new skills and employment opportunities”

  • Friday 25 May 2018
  • 11:00am - 12:00pm

An introduction to a new pilot programme, with Morgan Hunt and Learning Curve Group.

We know that the Job Centre is not the only place to find a job – but how do we support our tenants and residents to look beyond that familiar trail, and seek other, new opportunities, advertised and available, beyond the local JCP?

In this webinar we’ll get a rapid run through of a new pilot partnership, launching this year and still open to interest from GUAC members across the country.
The pilot seeks to marry up a national training provider, housing association residents and a national commercial recruitment agency. The idea is simple; use skills budgets to support new learning and development opportunities across a tenant base, use housing to access referrals and support tenants, and link the learning to a guaranteed interview with an employment consultant at a national recruitment agency, with a bank of live jobs to fill. Tenants access quality assured training, with support from their landlord, and the chance to reflect on their employment prospects and opportunities with a recruitment professional.

Join us to meet the partners, hear the details and consider this opportunity.

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