Investing in people = thriving places to live, work, grow

  • Friday 22 February 2019
  • 11:00am - 12:00pm

Part of our Communities that Work series of webinars

In this webinar we’ll hear from two engaging and thought provoking speakers. Alys from Lewisham Homes will show what ‘Communities that Work’ means to her organisation and tenant base, and Michelle Daniells from Growth Guaranteed will share insights from years working with social housing residents on enterprise, start ups and business growth. As always, Q&A is encouraged on the webinars and we welcome input from our delegates on the day.
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  • Alys Exley-Smith

    Alys has worked in housing for over 10 years. Her experience covers supporting people in sheltered, supported housing, hostels and general needs and includes working for One Housing, Peabody and most recently Lewisham Homes.

    Alys is an advocate for residents in social housing, ensuring their voices are heard and that the projects and support offered truly meet the needs of residents. This year has seen a growth in the employment and training offer for Lewisham Homes’ residents, with over 100 residents improving their skills and qualifications through a varied range of training. The work includes CV/ interview skills, digital support, teaching assistant qualifications, business start-up support and the development of the Lewisham Homes’ work experience program for residents. Alys believes in innovative approaches to build the confidence and skills of residents, ultimately supporting them to gain new or improved employment opportunities.

    She is proud of Lewisham Homes’ commitment to the GUAC consortium.
  • Lynsey Sweeney

    Lynsey is the Managing Director of GUAC. She has worked across housing, employment & skills services for the last six years, both with GUAC and the National Housing Federation; developing partnerships and advocating for greater business integration between the two sectors. Lynsey has worked across employment and skills programmes for 10 years, with roles involving business development, work based learning contracts, Apprenticeship Training Agency & Group Training Agency start-ups and Further Education management.
  • Michelle Daniells

    Michelle has been a business adviser and mentor to over 200 small enterprises and has helped numerous start-ups and entrepreneurs to plan, launch and grow their fledgling businesses. Having taken her own product ideas from concept to commercialisation and run her own businesses, she has great empathy and respect for people wanting to start their own enterprises. She is adept at motivating and encouraging people whilst helping them to clearly understand the commercial realities involved. Michelle developed a business start-up training programme, called “Go Your Own Way”, which she has successfully facilitated on behalf of a local housing association for the past 4 years. Post-course evaluation showed that all participants experienced improvements in confidence, motivation, skills, knowledge and readiness to start their own businesses.