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ERSA: Employability Day 2017 – Visit Opportunities

It's Employability Day on 14 July. ERSA is arranging visits for the day, and will be hosting DWP, DfE and MoJ officials at a range of services across the UK, and has several outstanding visit opportunities to fill. If you would like to host a visit on Employability Day and have a servic...

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Election round up – what next?

Our PR and Public Affairs agency, See Media, provide us with an election overview The results are in, and it’s not what Theresa May had hoped for. She had set out to increase her slim majority in order to bolster her mandate, but she lost a total of 12 seats and now no longer has a majority in ...

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Members’ toolkit launched

Last week GUAC launched our new members Stakeholder Toolkit, designed to give the support you need to communicate and engage with your local stakeholders. After the election period, communicating with your new or re-elected political stakeholders is likely to be high on your agenda. You can use t...

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Members’ toolkit launching

GUAC have been visiting members up and down the country, and seeing first hand some of the great work that members are doing to help their residents and communities into work. Whether its Radian’s community café and work experience programme, or the job support and accredited apprenticeship pr...

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Impact research – Proving Value – approved by GUAC board

Last week, GUAC’s board formally gave the go-ahead for the proposed nationwide “bottom line” impact research, which will consider how housing organisations can prove the value of their employment support. The research is set to be conducted by the Salford University, working in partnership ...

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Election 2017: what to expect, and housing policies

It’s been over 40 years since the UK had a snap election, and yesterday PM Theresa May has confirmed that the UK will be hitting the polls on 8 June 2017 – three years ahead of the expected timetable. Working with See Media, we’ve provided our members with a summary of what yesterday’s an...

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