About Give us a Chance

We are the leading national body of social landlords aiming to transform lives for good, by enabling housing providers to support people into rewarding, sustainable employment.  As the only housing industry body dedicated solely to the employment agenda, we work in strategic alliances and form partnerships with stakeholders across housing, employment and government to achieve our goals.

We also run ‘Communities that Work’, an annual national campaign to raise awareness of the social housing sector’s crucial, unique role supporting people into employment.  Over 100 organisations have officially pledged their support so far, with two ministers visiting our members’ employment schemes during this year’s ‘Communities that Work Week’ in May.  The campaign’s success positions GUAC as the voice for housing associations on employment and increases our presence in the media, social media and at Westminster.  We connect our members to politicians and decision makers as well as employment and skills service providers through a network of contacts and specialist advisers. At the heart of our work are our members and their aspirations to support more people from across our communities to thrive in life, through work that rewards and sustains families and communities.

Membership brings:


We are the only consortium of social housing providers with open and ongoing dialogue with the government with regard to the relationship between housing providers and employment and skills services.  We have a network of contacts across the housing, employment and political arena and use this to leverage support for GUAC members.

Access, contacts and partnerships:

GUAC helps support the employment support objectives of our housing organisations. We can help to broker practical partnerships that can lead to contracted delivery, to support your employment and skills programmes. GUAC’s advisers can also be brought in to navigate contracting partnerships between housing and employment and skills providers.

We work in strategic alliances and formal partnerships with other organisations who share our goals, including: ERSA, the Learning & Work Institute and the Association of Employment and Learning Providers (AELP).

Sharing ideas and best practice

Join GUAC members on webinars, members’ conferences, sector events and roundtable discussions, to hear about latest developments in the sector as well as to help influence and develop best practice.