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We’re extremely pleased to announce that Hyde Housing is the latest association to join Give Us A Chance. (more…)...

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Award winning association Affinity Sutton joins GUAC

Established in 1900, Affinity Sutton have more than 57,000 homes and 161,000 residents. They run an award-winning programme to help residents find work called Ready2Work and have helped 881 people find a job and created 200 work placements, from a dedicated employment support service to helping p...

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Three new GUAC members announced

We are extremely pleased to announce that Coast & Country Housing in North of England, Southern Housing Group in South of England and Tai Calon in South Wales have joined Give Us A Chance. Kate Shone, Chair said; “We’re thrilled that Southern Housing, Coast and Country and Tai Calon have ...

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Yarlington and City West join GUAC

A huge welcome to our two new members, Yarlington housing association and City West housing association. Yarlington Housing Group is a registered charity and provider of affordable housing, based in Yeovil, Somerset. They employ over 350 people in a diverse range of activities, including apprenti...

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Employment Minster Esther McVey champions entrepreneurs and housing associations

Last night the work of GUAC members was championed at an exclusive event in the House of Commons. Among the guests were Ministers including Employment Minister Esther McVey MP (pictured top left), Shadow Minister Stephen Timms MPs, leading policy makers, ERSA, National Federation of Housing, hous...

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The Housing and Work Manifesto

Give us a Chance (GUAC) and ERSA publish their joint 2015 Manifesto for Housing and Work entitled “releasing the potential of social housing in employment support” at the House of Commons on 21 October 2014. A gathering of senior politicians including Minsters and Shadow Minsters, representat...

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A Home, a Job, a Future

Our friends at National Federation of Housing Associations today launched 'A Home, a Job, a Future’, it is for policy makers, politicians and local and national decision makers and is aimed at building an understanding of housing associations’ offer in employment and skills. Housing associati...

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New appointment, Lynsey Boother

GUAC is pleased to announce that Lynsey Boother is joining the consortium’s core team. Lynsey has worked across housing, employment & skills services for the last three years with the National Housing Federation; developing partnerships and advocating for greater business integration betwee...

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