Associate membership

Associate members are drawn from a broad range of organisations and sectors but share an involvement in, or support of, employment, education and training services for social housing residents and communities.   Give us a Chance’s full members are drawn from the social housing sector in England and Wales – we recognise that we share clients and customers with many other organisations and sectors.  The GUAC Associate membership  connects other organisations and sectors up with pro-active housing providers to improve local links, broker national partnerships and to drive the best employment outcomes for our shared clients.

The benefits of membership:

  • Promotion of the Associate member’s work in this field; opportunities to share news, offers and connections to housing providers that help you to work more effectively across contract and programme areas
  • Access to Webinars, Seminars, GUAC newsletters and our website for sharing knowledge, experience, contacts and ideas. The opportunity to access GUAC members through the provision of webinars.
  • Automatic invitation to our Gala Annual Reception at the Terrace Pavilion, House of Commons; with sponsorship opportunities available.
  • Use of the ‘Give us a Chance Associate’ logo in all relevant material

How to Join: We need just a few simple details about your organisation to progress your application, please complete the following fields:

Name of organisation *:

Company number/charity number *:

Contact name *:

Contact email *:

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Annual turnover range (please check the box that applies closest) *:
£100,000 or less£500,000£1,000,000£5m+

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Annual Fees:

Associate membership is open to a broad range of organisations from small voluntary and community based charities to larger private companies.  What we share is an involvement in, or support of, employment, education and training services for social housing residents and communities.  Our fee structure reflects the size and scale of your business to secure fair, competitive rates for Associate members.

£100,000 or less £250
Up to £500,000 £1,000
Up to £1,000,000 £2,000
£5m+ £3,000


For further information or to discuss your application to join Give us a Chance as an Associate Member, please contact Lynsey Boother:

Associate Member Rules:

  1. All Associate members of Give us a Chance Ltd (GUAC) must be properly constituted organisations based in the UK.
  2. Associate members must support the aims and objectives of GUAC.
  3. Associate members must pay their annual subscription fees promptly, under the terms of the invoice.
  4. Give us a Chance Ltd reserves the right to reject applications or to suspend Associate Memberships with due notice given.