Media files

To download any of the images shown below to your local computer you can either…
1. Right click on any of the blue links and click ‘Save Link As’ and select a destination of your choice.
2. Alternatively, you can click on the link to see a larger version of the image where you will be able to right click on it and click ‘Save Image As’ and select a destination of your choice.

If you experience any problems with these files or have any queries please contact the designer Allen Tullett
(allen.tullett@gmail.com07925 533689)


Standard Give us a Chance logo

GUAC logo

For use in commercial printing (CMYK optimised file):
GUAC logo CMYK (Jpeg, 1Mb)

For use on websites, PDFs, etc (RGB optimised file):
GUAC logo RGB (Jpeg, 312Kb)
Vector – GUAC logo (Eps, 6.2Mb)


Member badges


GUAC member badge - Member
PNG, 83Kb
SVG, 13Kb

GUAC member badge - Associate
PNG, 80Kb
SVG, 14Kb


Primary colour
#72477c – R:114 G:71 B:124 – C:64 M:79 Y:22 K:7

Secondary colour
#1c9bd7 – R:28 G:155 B:215 – C:75 M:24 Y:0 K:0