Media files

You can download our latest branding guidelines document here:
GUAC branding guidelines v1.3 (PDF, 3.3Mb)

Please find below downloaded versions of the Give us a Chance logo and member / associate member logos, along with the colour scheme information.

Standard Give us a Chance logo

GUAC logo

For use in commercial printing (CMYK optimised file):
GUAC logo CMYK (Jpeg, 1Mb)

For use on websites, PDFs, etc (RGB optimised file):
GUAC logo RGB (Jpeg, 312Kb)
Vector – GUAC logo (Eps, 6.2Mb)

Member badges

GUAC member badge - Member
PNG, 83Kb
SVG, 13Kb


Primary colour
#72477c – R:114 G:71 B:124 – C:64 M:79 Y:22 K:7

Secondary colour
#1c9bd7 – R:28 G:155 B:215 – C:75 M:24 Y:0 K:0

If you experience any problems with these files or have any queries please contact the designer Allen Tullett
(allen.tullett@gmail.com07925 533689)